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Panicked commuters reportedly ‘disrobe’ and ‘beg to get off’ NYC subway stuck in sweltering heat

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New York City subway riders found themselves in a nightmare scenario on Monday after being stuck on a hot, sweaty train for over an hour.

…and when the passengers finally got to the station, with a little help, things only got worse when the doors would not open!

More from The New York Post:

After nearly an hour without lights or air conditioning, the train was finally pushed by another locomotive into the station — but the passengers weren’t out of the woods. The doors failed to open and passengers desperately tried to pry them open.

“People on the platform took pictures of us dripping sweat,” rider, Michael Sciaraffo, wrote on Facebook. “People started to yell things like please get me off and I feel sick.”


Naturally, in the age of smart phones and social media, the entire experience was documented.

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The riders were surprising calm for the most part, with little whining, though one social media users didn’t seem to grasp that what was happening was out of anyone’s control.

“IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT HUMANS?” the person asked in a video shared on Twitter:

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The video below captured the relieved passengers finally being able to depart the subway car… no worse for the wear:

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