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‘Let us in!’ Dem rep moves town hall mid-meeting with armed guards, still can’t shake vocal Trump supporters

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Fighting fire with fire, Donald Trump supporters are beginning to turn out in force at congressional town halls to counter vocal crowds orchestrated by the institutional left.

And Democratic lawmakers are not too happy about the tables being turned on them, as seen when California Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragan abruptly walked out on her own event.

barragan town hall screenshot

The recent town hall was raucous from the start, but after supporters of President Donald Trump started chanting, “We love Trump,” the California lawmaker announced that the event was being moved to a nearby room — presumably where there would be more control over who would be admitted.

With an escort of three law enforcement officers, Barragan left the auditorium and began the trek to the other facility.

barragan screenshot

But the Trump supporters were not about to be denied, making their presence felt as they followed along.

As expected, the Trump supporters were not allowed in at the new location, with Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies helping secure the entrance while Barragan’s people hand picked those allowed in.

“Wow, look at that, closing the door,” the man recording the video is heard saying. “You guys believe in open borders, you’re supposed to be about inclusion and openness.”

“Let us in,” the crowd began to chant.

Unfortunately, Dems are also about hypocrisy… watch events unfold in the video below:

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