Caitlyn Jenner posts ‘urgent’ message for Trump over trans rollback: From one Republican to another…

“Call me.”

See ‘unbiased’ media swarm ‘white nationalist’ after he was undeniably rejected from CPAC


‘Oh, good grief’: WaPo hires entrenched Dem John Podesta for political insight on D.C., Trump admin

“No one knows more about how Washington works…”

Man allegedly jumps to his death just after being deported back to Mexico

The man’s suspected suicide became a flash point with Mexicans…”

NY Times under fire for ignoring Todd Starnes’ best-selling book, ‘Deplorables’


Mika pummeled all over again after she fervently responds to ‘media mind control’ blunder

“Be honest for once!”

Protesters gather outside off-duty cop’s home after video shows him firing a shot at ‘trespassing’ teens

Hundreds of protesters gathered Wednesday night outside the Anaheim, California home of an off-duty cop who pulled and fired a handgun during a scuffle he had with […]

Ted Cruz goes on a roll at CPAC and no one is off limits – least of all, ‘bat cr*p crazy’ Dems!

He’s definitely in is element.

Oscars? What Oscars? The Trumps have big plans for Sunday night

“Mrs. Trump looks forward …”

Conway talks conservativism vs ‘feminism’: I’m a product of my choices, not victim of my circumstances

“When in doubt, just say ‘I’ll have what he’s having.'”

Lib NYU prof’s DONE with ‘obscene, abusive, fanatical’ people on the intolerant Left after feeling their wrath

“I no longer want anything to do with it.”

Cruz warns of ‘full Armageddon meltdown’ over next SCOTUS vacancy he believes is just months away

“…we’ll have the ability to act and restore basic constitution protections.”

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