Fla. Gov Scott confident Trump will listen to governors on Obamacare, knows ‘local gov’t works better’

“I can be way more efficient with health care dollars and other dollars than the federal government can.”

oval office
While media hypes Conway on WH couch charade, Trump makes big move in meeting with black leaders

Democrats cannot have this.

Desperate Schumer vows to make Dem Hill less white after minority groups threaten to cut funding

“We must ensure Senate be more reflective of our country’s diverse population.”

Trump defends Spicer for press ‘phone checks,’ but says he would have ‘done it differently’

“There are things you can do …”

Trump’s got nothing on Hillary when it comes to ‘Russian ties,’ according to new Clinton tell-all

“The State Department was basically for sale.”

President Trump responds to question about the father of a slain Navy SEAL

Spicer previously indicated that the raid was passed off to the Trump administration by the Obama administration.

Gowdy: ‘Too early’ for special prosecutor on alleged Russian ties, offers brutal reminder on inept Hillary camp

“It’s not Republicans’ fault that…”

What’s this? Obama’s ‘updated’ Twitter profile has folks more than a little creeped out

“Need to keep eyes on him.”

Turns out tourist ‘sensation’ invited to crash Oscars was just released from serving serious prison time

Another Academy fail.

‘Extremely sad.’ Sickly puppies, dogs found in slew of trash left behind by ‘enviro’ pipeline protesters

“Liberals care about everything until they have to take responsibility.”

Heartbreaking photos of neglected veterans writhing in pain at VA hospital sparks online fury

“Infuriating and unacceptable.”

President Trump believes Obama’s behind WH leaks, and it doesn’t surprise him

“I understand the way the world works.”

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