What’s this? Obama’s ‘updated’ Twitter profile has folks more than a little creeped out

While there may be some debate, today’s protocol says presidents retain their title for life. But it’s more than a bit creepy when a former commander-in-chief is still referring to himself as president.

Obama’s latest Twitter profile reads: “Dad, husband, President, citizen.”


A seemingly benign occurrence, until you consider Obama will continue to reside in Washington and that his website links to “Organizing for Action,” today’s remnant of his election apparatus Obama for America.

Recent reports allege OFA is actively sabotaging, degrading, and disrupting Donald Trump’s presidency.

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Adding to the creep factor, while Jimmy Carter does not have a Twitter account, he is identified as “former U.S. President” on the Carter Center account. George H.W. Bush is identified as the “41st President of the United States of America,” and Bill Clinton bills himself as the “42nd President of the United States.”

So why hasn’t Obama followed suit with “44th President” of the United States?

Plenty of social media users offered their theories. While some opted to have a little fun, others were torn between hoping Obama would just go away and stressing the need to “keep eyes on him.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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