Fla. Gov Scott confident Trump will listen to governors on Obamacare, knows ‘local gov’t works better’

With Obamacare slowly taking center stage for the Trump administration, Florida Gov. Rick Scott said he’s confident President Donald Trump will listen to governors around the country as he addresses the failed health care law.

Appearing on Fox News’ “The First 100 Days,” Scott said Monday that he had a fruitful meeting with the president on how best to solve the problems of the Affordable Care Act.

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A solution that will involve efforts “to restore the authority of the state,” which can “control it better than the federal government,” according to Trump.

“The president understands that … local government works better,” Governor Scott said. “Governors know, for their states, what their needs are for health care – if you give us our authority.”

In meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Scott said he told him: “I know, and governors know for their states, what the needs are for their citizens for health care. If you give us the authority, we will focus on how do we make sure our citizens get health care.”

Scott said giving power back to the states begins with listening to governors and stop regulating how they do their jobs, and to “give us the authority to direct dollars back to our states so we can spend those dollars better than the federal government.”

“I can be way more efficient with health care dollars and other dollars than the federal government can,” the Republican governor insisted, adding that the states are like 50 independent laboratories.

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