Gowdy: ‘Too early’ for special prosecutor on alleged Russian ties, offers brutal reminder on inept Hillary camp

Rep. Trey Gowdy believes it’s “too early” for lawmakers to be calling for a special prosecutor to investigate President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

“There is no special prosecutor statute. There is no independent counsel statute,” the South Carolina Republican told Fox News Channel’s Bill Hemmer on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday.

“There’s a regulation that allows for the appointment of special counsel if the Department of Justice has a conflict and if all 92 U.S. attorneys have a conflict. Until that evidentiary burden has been satisfied, I don’t know why Republicans or Democrats are talking about special counsel,” Gowdy said, explaining what Congress can and cannot do.

“It’s too early. Special counsel only applies to a criminal investigation,” the House Intelligence Committee member said.

Libs are seriously freaking out that Kellyanne had her feet on the couch while this was happening in the Oval

“Interference is a separate analysis from influence, ” Gowdy added, noting that Congress plays a constitutional role but it is the FBI that investigates crimes.

“Russia didn’t target the DNC. It’s not Republicans’ fault that [Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief ] John Podesta picked a password that the guy from [the movie] ‘Slingblade’ could have figured out,” he said.  “Russia targeted America.”

Gowdy slammed the “myopic view” of Democrats calling for the investigation of Russian interference only in terms of its hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

“I am fine for investigating Russia,” Gowdy continued. “But to have a show hearing where you’re discussing classified information is not in our country’s best interest.”

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