Best since LBJ! Conway tweets ‘encouraging data’ from Trump’s first month as President

“It’s an excellent start.”

College says student who outed looney anti-Trump prof has to apologize; he and his lawyer say, NO WAY

“I was honestly scared that I would have repercussions.”

Twitter explodes in bizarre ‘theories’ behind Trump’s upcoming rally. Meanwhile, he holds a telling presser…

It’s simple, really.

Glenn Greenwald says Dem Party STILL on road to destruction, even after it ‘collapsed as a political force’

“COMPLETELY collapsed.”

Ted Cruz introduces one-page bill to abolish Elizabeth Warren’s precious Consumer Agency

Why not?

‘The View’ fools tragically use dramatic opening to push faux Immigrant Day mantra, fail miserably!

“What is it with these morons?”

Conservative reporter called on by Trump reality checks ‘entitled’ MSM for whining they weren’t picked

“I was fully aware that the mainstream media would go into meltdown mode.”

Libs hitch their wagons to desperate House Dem’s attempt to remove Trump through the 25th Amend.

They’re making fools out of themselves.

Curt Schilling claims majority of pro athletes are closet conservatives, too busy working to talk politics

“You understand and appreciate an incredibly hard day’s work.”

President Trump will issue a new and improved executive order on refugees

If at first you don’t succeed…

Narcissism on high! Insane Russian model dangles off 1,000ft skyscraper to get the perfect shot

This is where endless selfies can get you.

Watch President Trump comment on how exactly he would have handled Podesta

“I will say this, if John Podesta…”

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