Narcissism on high! Insane Russian model dangles off 1,000ft skyscraper to get the perfect shot

This is how people get killed!

In today’s world of endless selfies, one social media star proved how far – or high – one will go to get the best glamor shot.

A Russian model looking for that sensational Instagram photo allowed herself to be dangled off the edge of a skyscraper, 1,000 feet in the air in Dubai supported only by the hand of her companion.

Viki Odintcova, a 23-year-old Russian model and social media star, traveled to the 1,004-foot tall Cayan Tower in Dubai to get that her prized photo, The Daly Mail reported.

A video of her photo shoot reveals that she first leaned out over the city suspended by the arm of her assistant.

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But if that wasn’t death-defying enough, she then took her quest for the most amazing photo even farther.


Held safe only by the grasp of her assistant, Odintcova climbed over the edge of the skyscraper and let herself be dangled over the ledge, defying certain death if her assistant lost his grip.


Odintcova is well known for her revealing selfies and glamor shots. But this is going just a bit far for an Instagram shot!


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