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Twitter explodes in bizarre ‘theories’ behind Trump’s upcoming rally. Meanwhile, he holds a telling presser…

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President Donald Trump will go and speak directly to the people this weekend in Florida.

The president took to Twitter on Wednesday to confirm that he will appear at a rally in Melbourne on Friday, his first since taking office.



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Trump held a campaign rally at the Melbourne airport back in September and a near capacity crowd turned out:

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa tweeted that a “Trump friend” said the rally is taking place so the president can “go to his people” and “bring back the crowds.”

But, he wasn’t the only one pondering why Trump was going to rally this weekend.

The Atlantic speculated that it will be the beginning – already – of his campaign for a second term.

Screen shot Twitter Moments.

The news even sparked bizarre conspiracy theories that hope to draw a massive protest at the rally:


In all, there was a myriad of reactions, to include some that expressed excitement… and hate.

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Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:



Meanwhile, President Trump held a press conference Thursday where he once again made it clear that he knows the media is no friend of his.

All that being said, couldn’t President Trump’s “agenda” for the rally simply be that he wants to connect with real Americans?

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