College says student who outed looney anti-Trump prof has to apologize; he and his lawyer say, NO WAY

The California college freshman who secretly recorded an instructor ranting against President Donald Trump now finds himself in a world of hurt — but he’s not about to call it quits.

Orange Coast College human sexuality instructor Olga Perez Stable Cox characterized Trump’s election as “an act of terrorism” and called the president a “a white supremacist” during one of her classes.

Caleb O'Neil, 19, and his attorney, Bill Becker, at Wednesday's press conference.
Caleb O’Neil, 19, and his attorney, Bill Becker, at Wednesday’s press conference.

Caleb O’Neil, a student art the Costa Mesa school, was so offended by her rantings that he recorded and posted them to his Facebook page.

And that’s when his troubles began. Instead of disciplining Cox for her outrageous conduct, the school’s administration went after O’Neil for his surreptitious recording.

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As a result, he was suspended from classes, and ordered to write both a letter of apology to Cox and a three-page essay of the incident to the school.


But rather than surrender, O’Neil has opted to appeal that decision, The Orange County Register reported.

He also spoke publicly at a press conference Wednesday, where he was flanked by his lawyer as well as like-minded students who were equally appalled by Cox’s over-the-top ravings. They are demanding a reversal of the college’s penalty and want to see policy that will protect students from intimidation from university staff.

“I pulled my phone out, because I was honestly scared that I would have repercussions with my grades because she knew I was a Trump supporter,” O’Neil told the press.

“I thought Olga was a good teacher,” in the beginning, he added. But then he felt threatened when she went off on the president a week after his election.

The sanctions lodged against O’Neil are “excessive and discriminatory,” said Bill Becker, O’Neil’s attorney and the president, founder and general counsel of Freedom X, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving religious and conservative freedom of expression.

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Orange County Republican Chairman Fred M. Whitaker agreed, and said that the administration’s decision “clearly affirms their disdain for one of our nation’s most cherished freedoms: freedom of speech.”

O’Neill said he chose Orange Coast College because of its competitive rowing program.

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