‘The View’ fools tragically use dramatic opening to push faux Immigrant Day mantra, fail miserably!

The ladies of The View were all too eager to pull at their viewers’ heartstrings by feeding into the ‘Day without Immigrants’ hoopla that took place on Thursday.

But, by doing so, the act was an insult to the intelligence of many.

The strike that was organized by leftists in protest against President Trump’s commonsense immigration stance was roundly called out for being a fraud from the get go. If the movement were a truthful one, the day would need to be named, ‘Day Without Illegal Immigrants,’ but we all know how that would sell… it wouldn’t.

So, ‘The View’ decided to run with the false narrative that coincides with their obsessive Trump shaming in a dramatic opening that showed what the studio would supposedly look like if there were no immigrants. Because you see, we are all, or come from immigrants, host Whoopi Goldberg condescendingly reminded.

Now, what would the studio look like if the show didn’t run with the misleading narrative and projected a set on a ‘day without illegal immigrants?’

Since that doesn’t fit their agenda we’ll probably never find out. But that didn’t pull Whoopi and cast off their collective self-righteous soapbox.

The stunt failed spectacularly on Twitter, where many folks were quick to call them out as frauds.

Honest? Ha! Wishful thinking.

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