So, you want to go to Trump’s inauguration? Here’s the scoop . . .

Last chance!

While Trump and Romney made nice over dinner, here’s what was going on outside Trump’s hotel

Tonight in front of Trump Int Hotel & Tower . . .

Trump wins over Krauthammer with one of his choices: ‘He wants to get stuff done’

“His argument and Trump’s argument is:”

Obama won’t pardon illegals because it can’t protect them from getting deported by Trump

“We are asking the president to pardon them for their undocumented status.”

The flag-burning argument is easier than you think: Watch the whole ‘it’s our right’ thing get shredded

Flag burning has become the latest trendy hobby among left-wing nutcases who think they’re being rebels by following the liberal herd mentality. Obama tells ‘Rolling Stone’ Dems lost partly because ‘Fox […]

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota suggests American women wear hijabs to show ‘solidarity’ with Muslims

Should they NOT DRIVE in solidarity, too?

Will President Obama pardon Bowe Bergdahl? O’Reilly’s ready to put money on it!

If Bill O’Reilly were a betting man . . .

Clinton recount crusader only supports recounts that help Democrats

He also argued the election was “unique in the degree of foreign interference,” and warranted diligence.

The wait is OVER! Donald Trump announces what he will do with his businesses when he becomes president

He’s off to a good start.

michelle and barack
Obama tells why ‘Michelle will never run for office’

Obama spoke for his wife . . .

Obama tells ‘Rolling Stone’ Dems lost partly because ‘Fox News is in every bar and restaurant’

Ha, ha. It was forced on the patrons?

Guy has a beef with a ‘white’ cop being ‘paraded as a hero’ for killing ‘black’ OSC terrorist: Tucker took care of it!

Even African-Americans called Nasheed out for his ridiculous, over-the-top race-baiting.