WikiLeaks: Here’s how the Clinton’s free luxury jet scam works

“It’s highly illegal and it’s likely that the owners of these aircraft took tax deductions…””

Meanwhile, Bill’s ‘black illegitimate son’ promises ‘bombshell that will rock Hillary’s campaign’

Legit, or 15 minutes of fame?

Is Hillary already throwing Huma under the bus? See what she just called her long-time trusted aide

Hillary would cut Huma off at the knees in a New York minute.

US officials: No, Democrats, Donald Trump is not pals with Vladimir Putin

“No evidence has emerged that would link [Trump] or anyone else in his business or political circle directly to Russia’s election operations.”

Forget the exit polls America, Glenn Beck just called the election: ‘This race is over’

“The press has had it.”

FACEPALM! Hillary ‘admits’ that she’s one of the ‘most corrupt, least popular candidates of all time’

“I’ve now seen everything. Please stop the world. I want to get off.”

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