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Guy has a beef with a ‘white’ cop being ‘paraded as a hero’ for killing ‘black’ OSC terrorist: Tucker took care of it!

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Tucker Carlson shreds leftist loons for a living.

The Fox News host invited self-proclaimed “anti-racism strategist” Tariq Nasheed on his show to discuss why Nasheed slammed Ohio State University police officer Alan Horujko on Twitter.

Basically, Tariq was upset that Horujko was hailed as a hero for stopping OSU terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan (who stabbed and mowed down 11 people with a car) because Horujko is white.

In defending his stance, Nasheed made a series of blithering, incoherent attacks against all white people and the entire United States of America, saying the US is a country of white supremacists.

Nasheed had no answer when Carlson asked: “Why would a white supremacist country have mostly non-white immigration?”


The interview got even more amusing when he repeatedly called Carlson a “white supremacist.”

Carlson remained calm and cool during the heated name-calling (the way you do when you’re arguing with a child).

Nasheed later bragged that he had “destroyed white supremacist” Tucker Carlson on Fox News, which he called a “casino” of white supremacy.

Not surprisingly, the delusional race-baiting clown was hilariously roasted on Twitter for his bizarre rants.

Even African-Americans called Nasheed out for his ridiculous, over-the-top race-baiting.



Race-baiting clown Tariq Nasheed furious that cop who shot OSU terrorist is called a hero

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