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The flag-burning argument is easier than you think: Watch the whole ‘it’s our right’ thing get shredded

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Flag burning has become the latest trendy hobby among left-wing nutcases who think they’re being rebels by following the liberal herd mentality.

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Tucker Carlson invited flag-burning advocate Marc Perkel of FlagBurning.org to debate President-elect Donald Trump‘s suggestion that flag burners be punished.

Perkel actively encourages everyone to burn the American flag, saying it’s not only our right — but our DUTY — to burn the flag.


Perkel slammed Trump’s suggestion that flag burners be punished, saying we MUST burn the flag because the government has “gotten so far-right” that the only way to protest is to burn the flag.

Perkel appears to be unaware that Trump has still not taken office, and the “right-wing” government he’s bemoaning has been under President Obama’s rule for the past eight years.

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Carlson noted that everyone has the RIGHT to burn the flag, but decent people generally don’t want to.

Perkel bleated that there’s no Constitutional requirement to be a decent person, and that burning the American flag is a way to “assert dominance over government.”

flag-burning-muslimsCarlson then asked why Perkel wants to offend people, like the 9/11 families, or the soldiers who died defending the United States.

“[The soldiers] didn’t die for the flag, they died for our freedom,” Perkel bloviated.

While Hillary Clinton supporters trashed Trump for suggesting that flag-burning be punished, Clinton had proposed a law in 2005 mandating that flag burners be punished.

flag-wikiLike other patriots, Carlson pointed out that the American flag isn’t just a flag; it’s an enduring symbol of the freedom and rights that brave men and women in the Armed Forces fought to ensure.

In other words, people died so that malcontents like Marc Perkel have the right to burn the flag. But just because you’re allowed to do something doesn’t mean you should.



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