So, you want to go to Trump’s inauguration? Here’s the scoop . . .

Many of the same Americans who voted Donald Trump into office could probably not afford to attend his inauguration ceremony.

Ticket packages for the January 20, 2017 event  range from $25,000 to $1 million, according to the Center for Public Integrity.

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The inauguration is being planned by a committee separate from the campaign and transition teams. Presidents are tasked with funding their own ceremonies and Trump’s inaugural committee, led by longtime friend and private equity investor Tom Barrett, is looking to raise $65 to $75 million.

“The Inaugural events are, to a large extent, privately funded so as to not use taxpayer dollars,” committee spokesman Boris Epshteyn said in a statement, according to the Daily Mail. “For the 58th Presidential Inaugural, any and all funds raised above amounts needed to fund the Inaugural events will be donated to charitable organizations.”

No donations from “state or federal registered lobbyists” will be accepted, Epshteyn added.

The lowest priced package, at $25,000, includes two tickets to the Inaugural Parade, an “entertainment-filled” Victory Reception, admission to the Inaugural Concert and Fireworks show and a black-tie ball.

Those with more money at their disposal can purchase the most expensive packages at $1 million that include eight tickets each to the Inaugural Ball,  the Inaugural Parade, the Inaugural Concert and Fireworks show, a Candlelight Dinner with Trump, Pence and their wives and the Victory Reception.

Four tickets to the Ladies Luncheon with the first family’s women and a Leadership Luncheon with Cabinet members and Trump appointees are also included.

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President Obama’s cap of $50,000 on inauguration donations in 2009 was dropped for his second swearing-in ceremony. Individuals could donate up to $250,000 and corporations could donate up to $1 million in the 2013 inauguration.

Unable to afford the going rate for ticket packages? Congressional lawmakers may be able to help with admission tickets for the rest of us.

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