Barney Frank horribly smears Justice Scalia in his grave; MSNBC’s cries ‘that’s not funny’ as he cracks up

Apparently, the Democrat Party didn’t hear Michelle Obama’s mantra “when they go low we go high” because they seem to be in a race to see who can […]

Mitt Romney dined with Donald Trump and had a huge slice of humble pie for dessert

The failed 2012 presidential candidate enjoyed dinner with President-elect Trump at . . .

Is Nancy Pelosi in or out? House Democrats take secret vote today

“We’re at the point now where we are not even a national party at this point,” Ryan told MSNBC.

Trump reaches deal with Carrier to keep 1000 jobs in the US – President Golfs-alot hasn’t even packed yet

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken office yet.

If Michelle Obama isn’t going to run, what’s with the THREE PACs already started for her 2020 race?

Ready For Michelle? “Things in Washington change very quickly,”

Heartless dog owners walk right by their own excited dog at shelter, decide to leave it to bring home new one

. . . decided to leave her there because “she wasn’t a happy dog anymore.”

Joe Scarborough’s had enough of media fear-mongering over Trump tweets; ‘Hitler is not coming back –’

“But Hitler is not coming back –”

Will 5-year-olds still eat food if you sneeze on it? YOUR tax dollars are answering questions like this!

“Federal Fumbles” report questions billions in federal spending.

Are kids being brainwashed by mom’s viral anti-Trump Facebook page?

“How young is too young?”

Roger Stone: Hillary ‘increases chances of prosecution’ for jumping on recount bandwagon

“Now, the shoe is suddenly on the other foot.”

Megyn Kelly was asked if she would accept a position in a Trump White House; here’s her answer . . .

“I just want to give him some time.”

FaceTime call with grandparents from Long Island turns out to be a big, hilarious mistake!

“Look how f***ing dark it is out there.”