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Are kids being brainwashed by mom’s viral anti-Trump Facebook page?

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How young is too young to get your children involved in politics?

That’s the question Tucker Carlson posed in a segment on Monday night’s show that focused on a Donald Trump Facebook page formed by a mother.

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The page, “Dear President Trump: Letters from Kids About Kindness,” features letters from children, some as young as 5-years-old, asking President-elect Trump to be nice and not say “mean” things.


The mother behind the page, Molly Spence Sahebjami, joined Carlson and they had a spirited debate about whether her actions equate to brainwashing young kids.

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Viewers quickly get a feel where things are heading when Sahebjami said “this election was quite a bit different than all other elections.” She later intimated that children on the playground “had fears” about Trump.

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