Chicago Tribune shocker; look who says Hillary should ‘Step down, immediately’

Wait. Hillary calls Chicago “her town,” no?

youtube screenshot comey-clinton
Clinton campaign circulates letter asking ex-prosecutors to criticize Comey

Her claims of ignorance are truly terrifying,

Trump Weiner
Donald Trump’s heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Anthony Weiner for helping reopen Clinton investigation

Saving his best for last…

‘What goes around comes around’ – Turns out, Bill Clinton benefited from an 11th-hour indictment tied to Bush

It kind of ruins the “unprecedented” argument.

Seismic shift: ABC poll reveals where voters stand AFTER the FBI announced renewed Hillary probe

Wondering how the bombshell impacted the polls? Here you go . . .

When an FBI agent refers to the Clintons as a ‘crime family,’ it’s not partisan, voters should REALLY pause

“God forbid we put someone like that in the White House,” he said.

Biker records last goodbyes after wreck with no rescue: ‘Never forget to tell people you love them’

“I f—– up, that’s all I can really say.

One Hillary-Huma meme is so ‘inappropriate’ it’s been getting pulled; it’s jolting

Too much?

Video: If this was the scene outside Trump Tower on Sunday, can you imagine election night?

Quite the scene outside Trump Tower now . . .

Army vet suffering from PTSD sues American Airlines for harassing her about service dog

Army veteran Lisa McCombs is suing American Airlines in a federal lawsuit.

John Fund: America will have potential blackmail target in the White House if Hillary wins the election

“In short, we have to acknowledge the danger that Hillary Clinton could be the target of international blackmail . . .”

How cute, Tapper thought he could get Hillary chair to take some responsibility – see how that went

“He might have taken the first step of actually having looked at them before he did this . . .”

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