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One Hillary-Huma meme is so ‘inappropriate’ it’s been getting pulled; it’s jolting

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huma-hillaryMost memes are irreverent  . . . and funny for just that reason.

But, this one is pretty jolting. Some say it’s too over the top.

The original photo was taken on Hillary Clinton’s campaign plane and was reportedly the moment both Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin found out on Friday that the FBI would reopen the illegal server investigation against her.

We are not sure where the photo originated from but someone was handy with Photoshop. A few tweets with the meme had been removed, although it is not clear by whom.

This campaign season has been one for the record books. As it draws near the end, people are feeling the stress.

Do you think the meme is appropriate to share on social media as a joke or is it way over the top? Tell us what you think.


Editor’s Note: This post has been altered after publication.


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