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John Fund: America will have potential blackmail target in the White House if Hillary wins the election

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In response to FBI Director James Comey’s announcement Friday that additional emails related to Hillary Clinton’s private server have been discovered, National Review columnist John Fund astutely pointed out that if Clinton wins the election, America will have a potential blackmail target in the White House.

In an op-ed published Sunday by FoxNews.com, Fund said the revival of the email scandal reminds folks in the intelligence community, to include disgruntled FBI agents, of “just how exposed Clinton left highly classified information.”

Exposure that could leave her susceptible to blackmail.

Fund said that while there’s been no evidence that Clinton’s private email server was hacked, there’s no doubt that the Democratic nominee and some of her closest aides were targets of hostile foreign actors, who did have success tapping into the personal email accounts of some of those aides.

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a katz / Shutterstock.com

“In short, we have to acknowledge the danger that Hillary Clinton could be the target of international blackmail in the White House,” he wrote.

And Fund was quick to point out that this would not be the first time a Clinton has put America in such a precarious position.

“Consider what happened the first time the Clinton couple was there,” he said. “Bill Clinton’s involvement with the intern Monica Lewinsky had national security implications and also subjected him to possible blackmail.”

Fund referenced Secret Service agent Gary Bryne’s book, “Crisis of Character,” to say U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded that Russia, the U.K. and Israel had all intercepted phone calls between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

He then pointed to Daniel Halper’s book, “Clinton, Inc.,” to suggest there was a blackmail attempt against Bill Clinton.

“In October 1998 in a bid to gain the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli team led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to blackmail President Clinton with tapes of Clinton and Lewinsky,” Fund said of Halper’s book.

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