Trump tweets ‘shackles have been taken off me’ – so, what happens now?

“I can now fight for America the way I want to.”

Princess Leia just accused Donald Trump of being a coke addict – you thought things couldn’t get weirder?

This reeks of desperation.

Newt gives the sanctimonious GOP lawmakers that abandoned Trump a stone cold reality check

“Relax and slow down for a minute.”

Hillary asked if she will return $25m donation after leak reveals she knew Saudi Arabia was funding ISIS

The latest email dump by WikiLeaks has released a treasure trove of incriminating evidence against Hillary Clinton.

Trump retaliates on ‘very foul-mouthed John McCain’ for dropping him, triggers a trip down memory lane

“The very foul mouthed Sen. John McCain begged for my support…”

Five killed, 40 shot in Chicago last weekend. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton unavailable for comment…

As the presidential campaign continues and Hillary Clinton drones on about putting putting an end to the Second Amendment, Chicago, the city with some of the strictest […]

Are you a Millennial? Chances are, you’ve never eaten a Big Mac. Shame on you…

Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.

White police officer saves black baby’s life. Then the ‘godfather’ name change happens…

“Out of my 25 years being a cop…”

Hillary Clinton ‘hates everyday Americans’ according to bombshell WikiLeaks drop

“Let that sink in.”

Hillary gets caught being corrupt . . . and her spokesman is focused on the fact foreign governments found out first

‘The bigger issue is that Russia always tries to hack us. WHY DIDN’T HILLARY KNOW THAT? ‘

AMEN and kudos to Lou Dobbs; he just came down on Paul Ryan like the whole country depended on it!

Like a boss! Dobbs called Ryan a “small man dressed up in a big job” and SO MUCH MORE!

New leak shows Hillary Clinton exposed national security secrets during paid speech to foreign leaders

She specifically discussed “sources and methods.”