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Newt gives the sanctimonious GOP lawmakers that abandoned Trump a stone cold reality check

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Former Republican House speaker Newt Gingrich, an early and avid supporter of Donald Trump, took to social media Monday to comment on the presidential debate the night before and to remind the country that Trump promises to move America from “political languish to accountability.”

Gingrich directed his message to members of the House and Senate busy “wringing their hands, walking in circles trying to figure out what to do.”

“Relax and slow down for a minute,” he said. “If you can communicate to your voters that Hillary Clinton is totally unacceptable and why she is totally unacceptable, you don’t have to run around defending Donald Trump. That’s Donald Trump’s job.”

Stressing that GOP lawmakers need not “abandon” Trump, Gingrich reminded them of one unmistakable fact: “There is no alternative. He IS the nominee.”


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