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Are you a Millennial? Chances are, you’ve never eaten a Big Mac. Shame on you…

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It may seem shocking, but apparently not everyone loves those “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.” A new report is telling us that only one in five millennials have ever eaten a McDonald’s Big Mac!

The Big Mac has been one of the top-selling sandwiches in the U.S.A. for decades, but today’s generation seems far less interested in the delectable burger. In fact, millennials seem less interested in many of the nation’s oldest fast food outlets, not just McDonald’s. But McDonald’s seem to have been particularly hard hit.

As McDonald’s becomes “less relevant,” only one in five millennials have ever even had a Big Mac and sales of the famed burger have been flat for the past few years. And even before that, McDonald’s financial reports show, the chain was only growing at a low 2 percent rate, Fox News reported.

It appears that McDonald’s is losing market share to more gourmet fast food start-ups like “Five Guys” and “Smashburger,” Mexican restaurant “Qdoba,” noodle outlet “Noodles,” Chinese-style restaurant “Panda Express,” and other higher end fast food shops that have proliferated in the last decade.

Unfortunately for McDonald’s, the chain has struggled to push its menu in a more gourmet direction. As Fox noted:

The mid-1990s Arch Deluxe, with a potato-flour bun and mayonnaise-mustard sauce, didn’t fly with a $2.49 price tag, then 32 cents more than a Big Mac, and was phased out in 1998. In 2009, customers found $4 to $5 for a line of Angus beef burgers too expensive. Last year, McDonald’s tried again to introduce a more-premium burger made from sirloin, a choicer cut of beef, but customers weren’t willing to pay $5 for that, either.

Even worse for the nation’s largest fast food chain, a recent survey of customers maintained that the quality of the restaurant’s burgers has slipped.

“The world isn’t waiting for another burger from McDonald’s,” one former senior McDonald’s executive told Fox News. “It’s waiting for a better burger from McDonald’s.”


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