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AMEN and kudos to Lou Dobbs; he just came down on Paul Ryan like the whole country depended on it!

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Lou Dobbs opened a can of whoop-ass  on House Speaker Paul Ryan.

He blasted the Wisconsin Republican like a boss for refusing to defend Donald Trump.

Ryan told GOP lawmakers on Monday that he would not focus on the Republican presidential nominee following last week’s release of a video from a decade ago in which Trump made sexual comments about women.

Dobbs called Ryan a “laughingstock leader” and a “small man dressed up in a big job” in a blistering commentary Monday on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

“Ryan appears to have absolutely no concept of the power of unity, his responsibility as speaker, the institutional importance of his party and duty to the nation,” Dobbs said.

He called out GOP leaders who have denounced Trump, withdrawing support and even demanding the Republican nominee step down, as “sanctimonious” and “easily led.”

“Ryan leads them from sure victory in holding the House, even the Senate and winning the White House, to sanctimony and cowardice,” Dobbs continued.

The Fox Business anchor took to Twitter as well, condemning Ryan for betraying voters.

“Ryan should no more be the Speaker of the House than Hillary Clinton should be president of the United States,”Dobbs said on Monday. “And make no mistake, the futures of those two are intertwined.”

Reaction on Twitter seemed to back Dobbs’ assessment.

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