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Princess Leia just accused Donald Trump of being a coke addict – you thought things couldn’t get weirder?

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This reeks of desperation.

Liberal celebrities were reaching for straws to bring down Donald Trump after Sunday night’s debate after the GOP nominee did what he needed to do to remain a viable alternative to rival Hillary Clinton.

Surely dismayed by Trump’s success, left-wing loons stooped to accusing him of using a performance enhancing drug of sorts: Cocaine.

The allegation was given a YUGE lift when Howard Dean ran it up the flag pole at the first presidential debate last month after noticing Trump had the sniffles — Dean would later apologize for his actions:


And when Trump was again seen sniffing a time or two in the early going of Sunday night’s event, the allegations flowed once again.

Leading the charge was actress Carrie Fisher, of “Star Wars” fame. The proud resident expert on coke use was “ABSOLUTELY” convinced Trump was running a few lines:

Speaking of liberal celebrities, Steven Colbert did his part to implant the theory in American pop culture lore:

Not that the “real” talking heads on cable news could resist from getting in on the fun:


But social media users had the last laugh, not only having their own fun with the myth, but debunking it as well.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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