St. Louis Police launch ‘Operation Polar Cops.’ Black Lives Matter unavailable for comment

Everybody just chill.

Rudy Giuliani told no uniformed officers allowed in DNC & it sets him off like never before

The most “anti-law enforcement” convention I’ve ever seen.

Get it straight Dems… Trump reveals some presidential platform details

“He said that I wanted to go less than the minimum wage. This is a new one.”

Did Dem establishment shoot itself in the foot for nothing? Raw numbers tell a story…

Perhaps ‘sabotage’ wasn’t necessary.

While Obama lectures America about walls, enraged Bernie fans get busy ripping down DNC fence

Insdide: “The American dream is something no wall can contain.” Outside: “Yeah, F*** walls!”

Liberal firebrand Alan Grayson watches his campaign for Senate melt down before his very eyes

“I’m gonna kill you b**ch.”

‘I’m honored!’ Donald Trump Jr. schools Obama for repeating his line during speech

“Where’s the outrage?”

Delegate gets upset when rare ‘USA’ chant breaks out at DNC, cites Trump as the culprit

“Stop that!”

silverman screen shot
Hackers get ‘revenge’ and tap into Sarah Silverman’s Twitter account with anti-Hillary message

“This is not me!”

Miss Florida USA’s crown stripped after judges find out what was going on in her dressing room

“We have a zero-tolerance policy on”…

New ‘reparations’ website has guilt-ridden white people giving away, well, just about everything

“If people start getting kidneys, I get a day off.”

Bill Clinton’s former senior adviser breaks down ex-boss’ speech lie by dastardly lie

“The result is, she learned how to steal.”

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