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Liberal firebrand Alan Grayson watches his campaign for Senate melt down before his very eyes

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Amid renewed claims of domestic abuse by his ex-wife, Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson’s bid for the U.S. Senate is melting down before his very eyes.

Among the troubles facing the bombastic lawmaker, who found himself making headlines for the wrong reasons yet again this week with an angry tirade against a reporter, the Democratic Party’s future leader of the Senate has called on Grayson to do the “right thing” and drop out of the Senate race, Politico reported.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who will replace retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid next year, had previously endorsed Grayson’s primary opponent, Rep. Patrick Murphy, as did Reid, who said months ago that Grayson should get out of the race.

“I’ve never thought much about Grayson as a candidate … And now it’s of course much, much worse,” Schumer said, according to Politico. “He ought to do the right thing and drop out.”

“All of these things he has done, this tops the cake,” Schumer added. “Allegations of abuse and the way he treats it shows you that he is a bully.”

Adding to his troubles, Grayson’s political director, Mario Piscatella, and three field staffers are reportedly leaving the campaign, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Grayson’s campaign manager, Michael Ceraso, dismissed the departures as “re-tooling,” but the timing cannot be ignored.

“We’re sorry to see our political director and a few of our good field staffers leave the campaign, but our core team remains intact,” Piscatell said.

Grayson’s former wife, Lolita Grayson, provided documents to Politico that show she repeatedly called the police over a two-decade period because of alleged domestic abuse — the couple were married for 25 years.

A police report shows that Mrs. Grayson called police on her husband at least two times in Virginia and two more times in Florida, and requested medical attention on at least two occasions.

She also claimed the lawmaker threatened to kill her in 2005 after she called him an “asshole” during an argument over a babysitter.

“I’m gonna kill you bitch,” Grayson allegedly told her as she walked away from the encounter.

“I want the people to know my story so they know what kind of man Alan Grayson really is,” Lolita told Politico in an email.

“I requested the medical records and police records so people could read what doctors and police officers wrote,” she stated. “I read many of these records for the first time. These are very painful memories and horrible experiences.”

Grayson vehemently denies the allegations and has claimed his ex-wife fabricated stories about him to damage his political career, Politico reported.

His lawyer, Mark NeJame, went even further.

“Lolita is a disturbed woman. She has made one false allegation after another. Her own daughter refutes her,” NeJame said.

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