Bill Clinton’s former senior adviser breaks down ex-boss’ speech lie by dastardly lie

Former president Bill Clinton painted a picture of his wife as the perfect presidential candidate at the Democratic National Convention.

But the speech Tuesday, filled with personal anecdotes and praise for Hillary’s accomplishments, was missing some key elements, according to Clinton’s former senior political adviser Dick Morris.

The political commentator posted a video to “rebut and add to Bill Clinton’s biography of Hillary,” methodically going through the points the former president made in his speech.

Clinton’s story of his wife’s accomplishments is more notable for what is missing, as Morris filled in the blanks.

He refuted Clinton’s claims that the Democratic nominee was a champion of social causes and a hard-working mother juggling family and career.

In the speech to convention delegates, Clinton his wife became “worrier-in-chief” over the family finances. “That’s true,” Morris said, “and the result is she learned how to steal.”

Regarding her Senate record, Morris said Clinton extolled his wife’s work but she, in fact, “did practically nothing.” He also noted that in the portion of the speech on her tenure as secretary of state, Clinton never even mentions Benghazi, the private emails or the vast amounts of money he received in speaking fees “in return for favorable action by the State Department.”

Morris concluded that the biography presented in the speech was just “fiction.”

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Frieda Powers


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