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Hackers get ‘revenge’ and tap into Sarah Silverman’s Twitter account with anti-Hillary message

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Following her ringing endorsement Monday of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, an anti-Hillary tweet was posted from Sarah Silverman‘s Twitter account.

… but the foul-mouthed comedian insists it wasn’t her.

The tweet included a link to a video, “Anonymous — Message to Hillary Clinton,” and asked: “America, are you awakening?” It included the hashtags #Hilary4Prison and #Anonymous.

While Silverman has made a nice career out of crossing normal lines of decency — when talent’s in short supply, shock value is at a premium — the comedian took to Twitter to claim someone crossed a line and hacked into her social media account.

In all caps, lest she be seen as straying from acceptable liberal dogma.

Silverman was an avid supporter of self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, but took to the stage Monday at the Democratic convention to say she’ll be voting for Clinton. And after being heartily booed, she took it upon herself to lecture the “Bernie or Bust” crowd for being “ridiculous.”

Could it be the vile and repulsive entertainer is seeing retribution for her actions? Perhaps … but social media users decided to have a little fun either way.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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