Female lecturer shows up naked to faculty meeting in political protest, reaction was definitely unexpected

A Cambridge University lecturer decided to bare it all in protest of Britain leaving the European Union. Victoria Bateman arrived at an economics faculty meeting last week […]

Navy SEAL training ‘accident’ that led to death of recruit now being called a ‘homicide’

“Although the manner of death could be considered by some as an accident…”

North Carolina police have no choice but to arrest fighting couple when ‘pizza rolls’ start flying

“It’s unclear how the fight started, or how many rolls were thrown”…

13 snarkiest responses to Loretta Lynch dropping all charges against Hillary Clinton

“Did Bill Clinton…promise Loretta Lynch SCOTUS nomination if she decs to indict Hillary?”

Man banned and charged with groping SIX people including minors at Disney water park

Aman Bhatia was arrested …

Rock band instantly turns ‘punk’: Trump & cops supporters ‘not welcome’ at concerts

…”if youve ever said or supported #alllivesmatter you’re not welcome”…

‘Muslim’ youth in Minnesota stalk woman’s home, reportedly threaten to do the unthinkable

“Do you know Shariah law?”

Pressured Comey admits Hillary gave lawyers access to classified information despite no security clearance

Comey’s argument just keeps loing worse and worse.

4-yr-old’s instincts kick in after she’s snatched by kidnapper right in front of mom

“I heard screaming.”

Hacker totally embarrasses DNC, leaks the childish plans meant to disrupt Republican convention

“Care packages for folks who will be sick after Trump…”

Dolly Parton disputes rumors she endorsed Hillary with zinger about PMS–‘presidential mood swings’

“I think no matter if it’s Hillary or Donald Trump…”

House passes bill to block fed workers from watching porn at work, but the vote wasn’t exactly a landslide

“It’s kind of ridiculous that we have to legislate this, but it is such a pervasive problem in our work…”

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