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4-yr-old’s instincts kick in after she’s snatched by kidnapper right in front of mom

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A man who was captured on surveillance footage attempting to snatch a four-year-old girl from a Southern California mobile phone store is now facing kidnapping charges.

In large part, it was the little girl’s own actions that saved her.

According to the store’s security footage, the girl’s mother entered the store last Friday, holding her infant child and her daughter followed behind.

As the mother carried out her business and her daughter played with a candy machine near the store’s entrance, the alleged attempted kidnapper burst through the door and snatched the girl.

Her instincts immediately kick in and she started shouting, drawing attention to what was happening.

Mom, still holding her baby, and another customer ran after the man in hit pursuit.

The incident happened so fast that Stella Moriel, the store’s proprietor, thought it was a domestic dispute.

“I heard screaming,” she told the station.

“I thought they were arguing with each other at first. When I came from behind the counter I asked what was going on.”
Mom, still holding her baby, and another customer ran after the man in hit pursuit.

The little girl’s instincts continued to work in her favor, as she allowed herself to fall to the ground, which caused the man to lose his grip and gave her mother the opening she needed to grab her older child and run back to the store.

“The mom was in here she was very hysterical,” Moriel said. “Her daughter was very traumatized, just clinging on to her, wouldn’t let go. Both babies were crying.”

With the mom and her children safely ensconced inside the store, it was rime to deal with the abductor. Another customer and Moriel’s husband chased after him and with the help of others he was soon nabbed.

“He was smiling like it was some kind of joke or something,” Miguel Macias told NBC’s LA 4.

When San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies arrived they arrested the abductor, Terry Lynn Ransom, 24.

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Clip via NBC 4 Los Angeles.


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