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Rock band instantly turns ‘punk’: Trump & cops supporters ‘not welcome’ at concerts

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The rock band Wavves does not want to see supporters of Donald Trump, the police, or #AllLivesMatter at any of their shows.

“I don’t want everyone at my shows to be a clone of each other,” the band’s Nathan Williams said in a statement released on Instagram and Twitter on Wednesday. “However in light of the constant rape, murder, racism, homophobia, and misogyny that goes on seemingly every day I feel the need to make clear who I personally make music for, and who I don’t.”

The statement went on to list those who are not welcome at Wavves performances.

“1) if youve ever said or supported #alllivesmatter you’re not welcome at a wavves show.

2) if youve gone out of your way to defend police in america you’re not welcome at a wavves show

3) if you’ve ever even thought a victim of rape had it coming bc she was dressed a certain way, or was ‘too intoxicated’ youre not welcome at a wavves show

4) if you harbor resentment towards the homosexual community in any way – you are not welcome at a wavves show.

5) if you are white and use racial slurs, on the internet, in person, to friends, to enemies – you are not welcome at a wavves show.

6) if you support donald trump – bc this is basically 3 or 4 of the aforementioned topics – you are not welcome at a wavves show.

nobody is perfect (including myself), but just know I don’t want or need fans who don’t get this. In fact id rather have a room half filled with good energy than one filled with hate. people are suffering every day and the way i see it you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.”

The San Diego based indie pop band, formed in 2008 by 30 year-old singer-songwriter Nathan Williams, are currently embarked on a U.S. tour in support of their latest album.

The band’s statement created some controversy on social media with some applauding them and others feeling like they were just cut off from being fans. One Twitter user even got into a debate with Wavves over its use of the term “white” in the post.

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