Thousands of complaints about NYC’s homeless ignored after $1 billion NYPD funding cut

Jake Dima, DCNF Thousands of complaints from New York City residents about the homeless population have gone unanswered since local officials slashed the police department budget by […]

People are filling eco-friendly public urinals with concrete to protest sexism in France

Gabrielle Okun, DCNF People filled in two eco-friendly public urinals known as “Uritrottoirs” in Paris with cement to protest sexism over lack of bathroom options for women. […]

Gun registration site crashes as deadline looms, preventing owners from complying with California law

Molly Prince, DCNF As the dead looms for California gun owners to register their firearms that have been re-classified as “assault weapons,” the registration system has been […]

Annapolis shooter worked at federal agency for three years after harassment conviction

“The case is extreme. But it provides a frightening lo at the false intimacy the Internet can offer and the venom that can hide behind a computer screen.”

Fact Check: Did small business optimism just hit a record high?

David Sivak, DCNF President Donald Trump claimed Tuesday that optimism among small businesses has never been higher. Verdict: False Polls show small business optimism near, but not […]

Fedup GOP chairmen are not playing; demand Comey memos ‘immediately’

Deads matter!

Female lecturer shows up naked to faculty meeting in political protest, reaction was definitely unexpected

A Cambridge University lecturer decided to bare it all in protest of Britain leaving the European Union. Victoria Bateman arrived at an economics faculty meeting last week […]