Trump’s White House payroll cuts could save $22 million for Americans

Julia Cohen, DCNF President Donald Trump’s White House expense cuts might save up to $22 million for American taxpayers compared to the Obama administration. The president refused […]

It didn’t end well for this restaurant manager who refused to serve a customer wearing MAGA hat

Quick question: Who’re the REAL racists again!?

‘Journalists’ from 6 media outlets spread conspiracy that a DHS press release contained Nazi code

This week a number of prominent liberal mainstream media “journalists” unashamedly d a conspiracy theory on social media about President Donald Trump’s administration. The theory concerns a […]

Gun registration site crashes as deadline looms, preventing owners from complying with California law

Molly Prince, DCNF As the dead looms for California gun owners to register their firearms that have been re-classified as “assault weapons,” the registration system has been […]

Trump tells Saudi Arabia ‘prices are too high!’ – asks King Salman to increase oil production. His answer …

Amidgrowing civil unrest and economic challenges in Venezuela and Iran, President Trump has asked Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production to counter price increases. King Salman […]

Ocasio-Cortez’s lipstick shade sells out: How Dems’ new charismatic little socialist could be Obama 2.0

Roughly 10 years ago a barely known left-wing radical suddenly hopped into the spotlight and quickly rose to power, transforming almost overnight from an obscure senator into […]

‘Zero chance’: Trump answers Dems’ new demand to abolish ICE. Then he shows he has the agents’ backs

President Donald Trump fired back at those calling to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, declaring there is “zero chance” it will ever happen. Democrats have been openly […]

trump family children
Judge shifts case schedule to make sure key hearings on Trump Foundation start before midterms

Judge says Trump kids — Eric, Ivanka & Don Jr. — should accept the punishment that NY AG seeks

‘Did she go to high school?’ James Woods torches Alyssa Milano and yes, she definitely deserved it

Once again, James Woods was needed to counter the liberal ignorance of actress Alyssa Milano. Joining the left’s collective panic about President Trump’s impending Supreme Court Justice […]

Woman sends her ‘studying’ boyfriend a sub. Jimmy Johns delivery guy tattles he was studying another woman…naked

As of Wednesday, June 27, 2018, the popularsandwich franchise Jimmy John’s does than just iver scrumptious hoagies and subs — it apparently busts cheating partners and […]

Donkey dung: It only took one tweet by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell explaining how a shotgun works …

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell earned plenty of derision and mockery on social media Friday after she tweeted a veritable conspiracy theory about the shooting that had occurred […]

Hillary Clinton, Winston Churchill and James Woods. Throw in a cigar and you’ve got a helluva zinger.

But it’s Clinton’s own rhetoric that ultimately gives her away.