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‘Did she go to high school?’ James Woods torches Alyssa Milano and yes, she definitely deserved it

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Once again, James Woods was needed to counter the liberal ignorance of actress Alyssa Milano.

Joining the left’s collective panic about President Trump’s impending Supreme Court Justice replacement for retiring Anthony Kennedy, Milano took to Twitter to sound the alarm.

(Image: screenshot)

The Hollywood activist and anti-NRA advocate screamed her outrage in all caps.

Woods reacted to Milano’s drama with a simple question.

Milano’s sometimes off-the-wall takes on issues can generate enough backlash on their own but Woods’ tweet ignited a wave of mockery.

The actor’s sentiments were echoed by many who wondered about Milano’s intelligence.

Time for an education, Ms. Milano.

Liberal hypocrisy and double standards are so predictable.

Frieda Powers


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