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Judge shifts case schedule to make sure key hearings on Trump Foundation start before midterms

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A New York State judge revealed that she shifted cases in her calendar so key hearings in the case against President Trump can be held before midterm elections.

In a lawsuit filed by the New York State Attorney General’s Office against the Donald J. Trump Foundation, President Trump personally, and his children Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Jr., the judge not only appeared to be suggesting they concede or settle in the case but also that hearings will be held in October.

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The Washington Post‘s David Fahrenthold shared on Twitter a transcript of the first hearing in the case.

One of the Trump team’s attorneys apparently asked the judge if a hearing in the case could be scheduled “the second week after November, after November 6th.”

“I have already scheduled a lot of things in November and December. I moved all of my October cases in anticipation of dealing with this. We will see; how about that? We will see,” the judge responded.

The Attorney General’s Office indicated that it wanted to settle the case “efficiently,” and that they did not see “any reason to make a connection with the November 6th midterms.”

“You know what, people are busy,” the judge replied. “So, if we need to have someone come in and testify, it might not be a good time at the end of October. It didn’t occur to me that was an issue, but let’s see; all right? I’m really hoping that you can resolve most of it or all of it between now and then.”

According to Law & Crime:

One possible nefarious reason for the exchange might be that Team Trump is worried about a negative hearing, deposition, or ruling occurring just before a critical election. One less nefarious reason for the exchange might be that President Trump has campaign commitments and does not believe he has time to be deposed around that time — if it comes to that.


The New York Attorney General’s Office is calling for Trump’s children to be barred for one year from sitting on the board of directors of any nonprofit organization as they allegedly failed to oversee their father’s foundation properly.

The AG’s office is also calling for Trump himself to pay millions in damages and not serve on any nonprofit board for ten years.

Trump’s attorney was unable to answer the judge’s question on whether the president planned to assert that he could not be sued while in office.

“I’m not prepared to answer the question at the moment,” he said.

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