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People are filling eco-friendly public urinals with concrete to protest sexism in France

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DCNFGabrielle Okun, DCNF

People filled in two eco-friendly public urinals known as “Uritrottoirs” in Paris with cement to protest sexism over lack of bathroom options for women.

Vandals expressed their frustration with the public urinals by filling in the two urinals with cement and then covering them with stickers and tampons, the New York Times reported. The urinals were originally installed to tackle the issue of men urinating on the street.

“Are you a dog? No?” said one of the protest stickers. “Then why are you urinating in the street?”

The stickers also pointed out a double standard over the public urinals.

“Women who expose their breasts to breast-feed are asked to hide themselves,” said another protest sticker. “Men who take out their genitals to urinate are subsidized by City Hall.”

The eco-friendly urinals previously caused backlash after appearing on the popular tourist site Île St.-Louis in Paris, The Guardian reported.

The city handed out over 5,300 fines for up to approximately $80 over public urination. This is almost double the number of fines handed out in 2016.

Paris currently has 450 unisex bathrooms, with 150 of them open every day and night, according to city officials.

The uritroittoirs are considered eco-friendly since the waste from the urinals gets turned into compost, according to its website.

The urinals were removed following the incident.

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