Trump steps in last min to withhold Kavanaugh’s sensitive WH records. Furious Dems cry ‘cover up’

Kevin Daley, DCNF Almost 30,000 documents detailing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s work as a White House lawyer will not be released to the Senate. The Trump […]

Tough guy David Hogg threatens Smith and Wesson. Where to even begin …

Parkland survivor turned gun-control zealot David Hogg never seems to shut up, let alone wise up. If anything, sometimes it feels like he gets dumber by the […]

Sheriff Clarke says Gillum not tough enough to be Fla gov after crybaby ‘monkey’ reaction: ‘Guy is a wimp’

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has some advice for Democrat Florida gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum: Suck it up, sunshine. “If Florida candidate for gov Andrew Gillum […]

Dirty tricks: Racist robocalls about Fla black gov candidate a coincidence after Dems made hay of DeSantis ‘monkey’ comment

Some voters in the Tallahassee area have been receiving racist robocalls targeting Democrat gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum, who aims to be Florida’s first black governor. The calls […]

Former ‘ER’ actress, who made MeToo charge against George Clooney, was fatally shot by police

An actress who co-starred with George Clooney on the series “ER” was fatally shot by Los Angeles police who thought she aimed a gun at them. The […]

FISA court held no hearings on spy warrants, they were approved after written submission, DOJ reveals

The Justice Department admitted that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court never held a hearing on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act spy warrant applications on Carter Page. Judicial […]

Chris Wallace goes off the rails, says Trump has only himself to blame for Mueller probe because he fired Comey

Responding to President Donald Trump’s continued criticism of Attorney Jeff Sessions over his decision to recuse himself from the Russian collusion investigation, Fox News host Chris Wallace […]

Meghan McCain spoils dad’s eulogy with vindictive attack on Donald Trump

The (vindictive) apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Just ask Meghan McCain, who—like her late dad John McCain—opportunistically used his funeral to attack President Trump. Great […]

In-N-Out Burger should brace for best quarter yet after anti-Republican boycott backfires BIG

A boycott against In-N-Out Burger launched this week by enraged liberals hit a snafu whenan Alabama state senator decided to invite the currently beleaguered hamburger chain to […]

Driver who allegedly killed Oregon couple in DUI crash is illegal alien, ICE says

Will Racke, DCNF The man suspected of killing an Oregon couple in a high-speed drunk driving collision earlier in August is an illegal immigrant from Mexico, The […]

Don Lemon calls Kanye ignorant; triggers Laura Ingraham to teach the ‘wobbly’ CNN goof a lesson

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham came to the defense of Kanye West after what she saw as a “nasty shot” by CNN’s Don Lemon. “That’s pretty condescending coming […]

Neil Armstrong’s sons respond to controversy, accusations ‘First Man’ movie trashes patriotism

When news bre this week that a new biopic of astronaut Neil Armstrong omits the moment he planted the American flag on the moon, all hell bre […]