More than 100 lawmakers ask Mizzou to fire professor for bully behavior

More than 100 Missouri Republican lawmakers signed a letter addressed to the University of Missouri (Mizzou) Board of Curators calling for the immediate firing of Assistant Professor Melissa Click who received national attention after filmed yelling at reporters during a student protest in November.

Trump just played the birther card against Cruz; watch his killer response

In what his critics say is in response to the latest poll numbers in Iowa, Donald Trump played the birther card against Ted Cruz, saying his rival’sCanadian […]

Hillary flubs same question as Wasserman Schultz

In what surely seemed to be deja vu all over again for Democrats, Hillary Clinton was asked by MSNBC host Chris Matthews about the difference between the […]

‘The View’ Joy Behar: I’d vote for accused rapist if they vote to keep abortion

The legal right to take the life of an unborn baby is so important to some on the left that they would be willing to forgive a […]

‘He’s getting away with murder’: Trump slams GOP leadership for failing to stop Obama

Donald Trump wants to know why Republican lawmakers didn’t stop President Obama fromcreating another executive order. If Obama wants to change gun laws, he has to go […]

Florida Five: Fla. reacts to Obama’s gun control moves, FAU officially fires Sandy Hook truther

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Gun groups, Florida politicians react to Obama’s executive order on gun control – President Barack Obama issued […]

North Korea’s ‘nuclear test’ brings anger and doubt

North Korea claimed Tuesday that it had successfully conducted a test of a miniaturized hydrogen bomb causing outrage from world leaders. The claim has raised doubt and […]

Liberal blogger becomes unhinged during Don Lemon gun control debate

Liberal Igor Volsky became unhinged when conservative CNN contributor Ben Ferguson compared the National Rifle Association‘s lobbying efforts to the Solyndra green energy scandal. As host […]

‘How dare you’: Trump ‘reprimands’ fan for yelling ‘Obama is a Muslim’

As frontrunner Donald Trump crisscrossed the Granite State, at a small town rally a man yelled out that President Obama is “a Muslim,” prompting the billionaire to […]

Video: Ben Carson’s 4 words that made this LGBT woman curse him

For conservative presidential candidates, the LGBT ambush can come at any time, and neurosurgeon Ben Carson was ready for it, sending the frustrated questioner away uttering curses. […]

Video: How to keep warm in Russia . . . and blow your eyebrows off

Meanwhile, somewhere in Russia . . . It’s reminiscent of the old “use a match to check how full your gaso tank is” routine, which is never […]

Missouri mom tells how Second Amendment rights saved her family

A Missouri woman praised the Second Amendment in a post for saving her family. The woman, Katie Claxton, stopped at a gas station with her husband […]