‘He’s getting away with murder’: Trump slams GOP leadership for failing to stop Obama

Donald Trump wants to know why Republican lawmakers didn’t stop President Obama from creating another executive order.

If Obama wants to change gun laws, he has to go through Congress, he told host Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel Tuesday.

“What’s happening is the government is being run much differently than what our founders had in mind,” Trump said.

“It’s unbelievable what’s happening.”

The GOP leadership has been MIA on multiple issues, including immigration and a new budget bill that recently passed without a shred of pushback.

“Where is Ryan?” Trump asked, wondering who’s negotiating for the Republican side.

Hannity and Trump agreed that GOP leadership has emboldened Obama by letting him have his way.

“The Republicans did not stop him,” Trump said, about the budget bill. “He’s getting away with murder.”

“He got everything he wanted. We got nothing.”


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