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‘How dare you’: Trump ‘reprimands’ fan for yelling ‘Obama is a Muslim’

Image: CNN (screen grab)

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As frontrunner Donald Trump crisscrossed the Granite State, at a small town rally a man yelled out that President Obama is “a Muslim,” prompting the billionaire to go all politically correct.

At the huge Jan. 5 rally in Claremont, Trump was in a jovial mood.

“Oh, I’m supposed to reprimand the man. Who was the man that said that? I have to reprimand,” Trump said jokingly.

Then he reprimanded the man.

”How dare you,” Trump said, dryly. “Okay, I reprimanded him. I reprimanded him, now the press can’t be angry.”

The quick reaction could (but probably won’t) save Trump another round of media attacks like what happened in September, when 60 Minutes” host Scott Pelley tried to put him on the hot seat about a similar occurrence.

At least nobody in the hostile media can claim that Trump can’t learn from the past.

Trump also mockingly admonished an attendee for yelling out that Hillary Clinton is “in the bathroom” during the speech, saying “Throw him out of here!”

Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN.

Steve Berman


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