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Video: Ben Carson’s 4 words that made this LGBT woman curse him

Image: ABC News (screen grab)

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For conservative presidential candidates, the LGBT ambush can come at any time, and neurosurgeon Ben Carson was ready for it, sending the frustrated questioner away uttering curses.

It always starts simply: “I have a quick question,” a woman asked at a small town hall meeting in New York Monday as Carson mixed with the crowd. But her T-shirt telegraphed her agenda: it read “Pride Center.”

Getting Carson’s attention, she asked, “Do you think I chose to be gay?”

Not willing to be trapped, Carson quipped back, “Did you choose to be gay?”

“Yes, do you think I chose to be gay?” she pressed.

Without missing a beat, Carson told her “that’s a long conversation,” and went back to indulging supporters seeking selfies. “Say cheese!” another woman said as the candidate smiled for the camera.

Ignored and disarmed, the would-be ambusher cursed Carson. “I think you’re full of s**t,” then walked away without the television gaffe she was seeking. Sorry, no fifteen minutes of fame for this girl.

Nonetheless, ABC News captured the moment. Watch the video below.


Steve Berman


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