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Video: How to keep warm in Russia . . . and blow your eyebrows off

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Meanwhile, somewhere in Russia . . .

It’s reminiscent of the old “use a match to check how full your gasoline tank is” routine, which is never a good idea.

Sure News headlined it, “How to Keep Warm and Pump Gas at the Same Time.” The YouTube description, written in the Russian Cyrillic-based alphabet says:

“женщина зачем-то воспользовалась огнем там, где это делать совсем нельзя. АЗС “Газпромнефть” в Сургуте.”

According to Google translator, this works out to, “a woman for some reason, took advantage of the fire where it is absolutely impossible to do. Filling station “Gazpromneft” in Surgut.”

But whatever the reason, it’s a hoot to watch. It makes you realize that no matter how dumb you may feel at a particular moment, there’s always someone out there that’s dumber.


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