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Liberal blogger becomes unhinged during Don Lemon gun control debate

Image: CNN (screen grab)

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Liberal blogger Igor Volsky became unhinged when conservative CNN contributor Ben Ferguson compared the National Rifle Association‘s lobbying efforts to the Solyndra green energy scandal.

As host Don Lemon led a debate between Volsky and Ferguson on Monday’s “CNN Tonight,” the two panelists got testy with each other, sending Volsky into a high-pitched rant.

After Volsky slammed the NRA for contributing to gun-friendly politicians, conservative Ferguson countered, arguing that’s simply how lobbying works. “What do they want? They want more government money for green alternative energies.”

When Ferguson mentioned Solyndra’s huge government loans, Volsky went ballistic. “What does Solyndra have to do with this?” he shouted. “What are you talking about?”

Lemon calmed him down and asked Volsky to explain why he thinks that the NRA lobbies for “guns” versus the Second Amendment. Sticking to emotional appeals, Volsky, who writes for ThinkProgress.com, predictably tried to tie “walking into a school and shooting first graders” to gun rights defenders.

Volsky continually cut Ferguson off as the two men shouted.

Finally, Ferguson was able to tell his side, “as a victim of gun violence,” he explained that the three-time felon who shot him got his gun on the black market–illegally. How could Obama’s executive action against legal gun purchases have prevented that?

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Volsky at least proved he was listening (which is more than most liberals do) when he said he was sorry Ferguson was a victim of gun violence. Then he trotted out the same misleading statistic quoted by President Obama‘s Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

Watch the heated exchange below.

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