CCP-controlled, state-owned firm behind Chinese cash allegedly funneled to Hunter Biden, documents show

The Hong Kong corporation that allegedly wired funds to Hunter Biden’s business in 2017 was controlled by a Shanghai firm run by members of the Chinese Communist […]

California officials to pay churches $1.4 million over abortion health care mandate

California officials are preparing to pay out $1.4 million to four churches after attempting to force them to provide abortion health care coverage for their employees, according […]

Black Chicago residents furious that migrants are being dropped off in their neighborhood, taking city resources

Black Chicago residents ripped a proposed migrant center Friday, citing a depletion of city resources for their community by accommodating the migrants, as well as the potential […]

Banned book list contains books that aren’t actually banned

PEN America’s list of banned bos contains material that is no longer banned or was never banned in the first place, the organization confirmed to the Daily […]

‘Obstructive’: Darrell Issa lambasts ex-Trump investigator for refusing to answer questions during deposition

Republican California Rep. Darrell Issa chided former New York County Special Assistant District Attorney Mark Pomerantz on Friday after he decd to answer questions under deposition about […]

NYC pension funds sued for divesting from oil and gas

Public employees filed a lawsuit late Thursday against three New York City pension funds for allegedly violating their fiduciary responsibility by selling s of fossil fuel assets […]

Blue city weighs spending millions on ritzy hotel to house homeless

Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass is pushing the city to buy a massive luxury hotel, currently listed at $69 million, to house the homeless, according to […]

Republican governor orders legislature back to get heartbeat abortion bill over the finish line

Republican Gov. Henry McMaster issued an executive order Friday to create an additional legislative session in an attempt to resolve several remaining pieces of legislation, including a […]

‘Cannot control the movement of people’: Mayorkas refuses to say whether border crisis could have been avoided

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas refused to say Friday whether the crisis on the border could have been prevented. “We cannot control the movement of people […]

Top Dems demand universal ‘free’ breakfast, lunch, dinner AND a snack for ALL school kids

A whole herd of Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Senate stampeded to propose socialist legislation this week that would provide all students from pre-school […]

‘You should be ashamed of yourself!’ Ted Cruz UNLOADS on reporter over immigration

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was in no mood to play when a reporter tried to confront him on the topic of illegal immigration. “The talking point of […]

DeSantis praised when Florida rejects nearly 35% of submitted social studies books. Here’s why…

CNN thought it was smearing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis when it reported on the social studies textbos the state rejected, but the liberal media outlet quickly learned […]

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