‘Obstructive’: Darrell Issa lambasts ex-Trump investigator for refusing to answer questions during deposition

Republican California Rep. Darrell Issa chided former New York County Special Assistant District Attorney Mark Pomerantz on Friday after he decd to answer questions under deposition about […]

Alleged Chinese mass shooter federally charged with hate crimes for attack on Taiwanese church

Federal prosecutors filed hate crime charges against a man of Chinese descent for allegedly targeting a Taiwanese church congregation in a mass shooting in 2022, according to […]

Police arrest 11 after Jordan Neely protest turns ugly, Molotov cocktail found

Police made 11 arrests and recovered a Molotov cocktail at a Manhattan protest Monday evening over the death of homeless man Jordan Neely, the NYPD announced. Neely […]

Liberal billionaires funded the Communist-linked group pushing Jordan Neely protests

A communist-tied activist group promoting protests over the recent death of New York City homeless man Jordan Neely has received significant funding from organizations bankrolled by liberal […]

This New York law could keep Marine from Prison in subway death case, expert says

A Marine who restrained a homeless man by the neck on a New York City subway train, leading to the man’s death, could avoid conviction on potential […]

Buzzcut-sporting woman repeatedly shrieks into microphone during San Francisco public meeting

During the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Tuesday public meeting, a woman with a buzzcut repeatedly shrieked into a microphone in protest after a local Walgreens security […]

Dem House Whip’s transgender child gets probation after allegedly assaulting cop

A judge sentenced Democratic House Minority Whip Katherine Clark’s transgender child Riley Dowell to probation Wednesday over Dowell allegedly assaulting a police officer and vandalizing a monument […]

Longtime Dem campaign strategist hit with election fraud charges

New Jersey Democratic campaign strategist James Devine was charged with election fraud for allegedly submitting than 1,900 fake petitions to help secure a 2021 Democratic gubernatorial […]

San Francisco district attorney not charging security guard who allegedly shot suspected shoplifter, despite community uproar

San Francisco District Attorney Broe Jenkins decided not to charge a Walgreens security guard with murder for allegedly shooting and killing a suspected shoplifter, she announced Monday, […]

‘He would still be with us’: Victims sue parole board that released criminals who allegedly went on to kill

Crime victims and their families filed a lawsuit Monday against Utah corrections authorities, claiming they wrongly released and failed to properly monitor violent offenders who subsequently committed […]

Ron DeSantis signs bill authorizing death penalty for child rapists

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed new legislation Monday to allow the execution of child rapists in his state, setting up a potential U.S. Supreme Court battle. […]

Trump attorney demands mistrial in E. Jean Carroll case

Donald Trump’s attorney Joseph Tacopina requested a mistrial Monday in former Elle magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll’s sexual battery and defamation lawsuit against the former president. Carroll […]

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