‘Smoking gun’: Rep. Mace says Comer ‘won’t wait long’ to ‘share’ FBI doc on Biden with American people

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina said Thursday that Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky “won’t wait long” to reveal the contents of an FBI document […]

‘You should be worried’: Fox Business reporter warns that over a dozen regional banks are ‘very impaired’

Fox Business reporter Charlie Gasparino said Thursday that multiple sources told him that over a dozen regional banks are “very impaired” in the wake of First Republic […]

‘Working to pay back the cartels’: Former GOP Rep rips Biden over missing migrant children

Fox Business host Sean Duffy ripped President Joe Biden Thursday over tens of thousands of missing children who entered the United States illegally, saying many were working […]

Sen. John Kennedy debunked Biden’s climate agenda in epic fashion

At a May 3 hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy to Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk to the woodshed for his refusal […]

‘You have to stand up’: School board member who spoke out against transgenderism wins special election

A California school board member reclaimed his seat on Wednesday in a special election after community members petitioned to remove him for speaking out against transgenderism. In […]

America’s ‘climate’ governor is leaving office with emissions and energy prices hIGHER than when he got there

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington is leaving office with emissions and energy costs significantly higher than when he first to office, according to the most recently […]

‘Leading the way on culture issues’: Red state passes bill to ban drag shows in front of minors

Montana legislators sent a bill to Gov. Greg Gianforte’s desk that would ban drag performers’ shows in state-funded public spaces where minors could be present, according to […]

Regional bank stocks took another nosedive despite Biden admin’s attempts to calm markets

Regional bank stocks fell again on Thursday just days after federal officials assured the public that JP Morgan Chase’s purchase of recently failed First Republic Bank would […]

‘A major cause of the crisis’: Tom Cotton rips Navy over drag queen digital ambassador

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas ripped the United States Navy Thursday over the use of a drag queen as a “digital ambassador” for the service. “The […]

Anheuser-Busch CEO bullish about future, tries to distance from Dylan Mulvaney: ‘We will meet the moment’

Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, is beginning to seriously distance itself from Dylan Mulvaney, the infamous biological male who identifies as a ridiculously flamboyant woman. […]

CNN legal analyst who was caught masturbating on Zoom lectures Supreme Court justices on ethics

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin lectured the Supreme Court on ethics Wednesday after a new report on gifts and invitations received by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. “What […]

Distraught Dave Portnoy claims ‘highly regulated’ parent company made him fire longtime employee for ‘innocent’ slip-up

Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy called an emergency press conference on Tuesday to announce that his parent company PENN Entertainment forced him to fire longtime employee Ben […]

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