University of Georgia football team declines invitation to White House celebration

The University of Georgia’s (UGA) football team decd an invitation to the White House after winning their second national title in a row, a spesman announced Tuesday. […]

We asked every California congressional Democrat if they support their state’s reparation plan. Here’s what they said

The Daily Caller News Foundation asked every Democratic member of Congress from California if they supported their state’s ambitious reparations plan, finding that just two would go […]

Med school lectures future doctors on ‘power’ dynamics between different ‘social identities,’ slides reveal

A Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis course trained students on the “power” dynamics between different “social identities” during a lecture titled “Matrix of Social […]

‘We don’t weaponize the law’: Vivek Ramaswamy rips verdict in E. Jean Carroll case, defends Trump

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy ripped the verdict in a civil case filed by writer E. Jean Carroll, saying it was an “anaphylactic response” by the establishment […]

Pro-DeSantis super PAC staffs up ahead of expected presidential launch

A political action committee (PAC) aligned with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is staffing up across the country ahead of an expected presidential launch, according to The Associated […]

LA plan calls for unarmed civilians, not cops, to perform traffic stops

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation released a draft out of a report to the Los Angeles Times proposing that most traffic enforcement duties be performed by […]

‘Indefensible behavior’: Asa Hutchinson applauds verdict in Trump, E. Jean Carroll trial

Former Republican Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson applauded the verdict in former President Donald Trump’s rape and defamation trial Tuesday. Trump was found liable for […]

‘Totally outrageous’: NY Post reporter blasts Biden admin for banning his outlet from event

A New York Post reporter blasted the Biden administration Tuesday for banning the outlet from a Monday event, and ripped media outlets for their silence on the […]

Harlan Crow’s lawyer rebukes Dem senator for trying to ‘tarnish’ Clarence Thomas’ reputation

Harlan Crow’s lawyer fired back at Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden Monday night for overstepping his authority in the pursuit of information about Crow’s gifts to […]

CNBC anchor leaves network after sexual harassment complaint ousted CEO

A CNBC anchor whose sexual harassment complaint resulted in the ouster of NBC Universal CEO Jeff Shell is leaving the network, the New York Post reported Tuesday. […]

Slain Chicago officer might be alive if ‘gun laws already on the books’ were enforced

Five people have been arrested in the murder of Chicago off-duty police officer Aréanah Preston, including one who had been busted on gun charges three times previously, […]

Megyn Kelly claps back at John Legend and his ‘needy’ wife Chrissy Teigen: ‘Sweet John, it must be so hard…’

Independent journalist and viral podcaster Megyn Kelly bluntly called John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen a “needy, attention-starved bully” after he came to her defense following criticism for […]

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